The Story of Salt & Pepê

Lia and Kia first met in 1998 in the Filipino Lesbians Online chatroom of Gay Dot Com. They began hanging out in the late 90s Manila lesbian scene, getting to know its movers and shakers, and eventually becoming founding members of the first university-based lesbian organization UP Sappho Society in University of the Philippines Diliman, where Lia was completing her Human Kinetics degree and Shakira was in the MBA Program.

As fortune would have it, they would later reconnect as North American transplants when Shakira moved to New York City in 2002 and Lia followed suit in 2013, first to New Jersey and then permanently to Toronto, Canada in 2017. Aside from sharing many sentiments about love, relationships, career, and life principles, Lia and Kia also discovered that time had blessed them both with the best salt and pepper hair, which led them to follow their first podcast creation K Talk with one that featured the two of them as co-hosts in Salt & Pepê Podcast.

This graying duo may be aging, but they are not slowing down in their thoughts and sentiments after nearly three decades of adult life. They feel a duty to share what they’ve learned as Filipina lesbians navigating relationships, marriage, heartache, and recovery. They are also both fitness freaks, knowing the importance of health and strength as they both reach middle age.

They hope you will enjoy their new creation and they look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Meet Your Hosts

Shakira Sison 
(she/her) is more widely known as a writer of essays about queer life, immigration, politics, and women’s issues. In her social media presence she is often seen cooking, traveling, and enjoying her time at home with her wife and pets. She grew up in Manila, Philippines, and moved to New York City in 2002. Living in Brooklyn for two decades makes her an overstimulated and jaded New Yorker. This makes her stand out as she feels the difference while building a new life in Nevada.


Shakira Sison

Lia Roque (she/her) immigrated to Toronto from Manila in 2017. When she is not contributing to Canada’s workforce, Lia is a baseball coach for kids ages 8 and below, as well as an instructor for the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy. This bow tie-loving butch is a global leader in her company’s Pride Professional Network. Lia is a big sports lover and a passionate advocate of women’s sports. She is looking forward to sharing on the pod her love of photography, beer, musicals, beaches, and the outdoors. And ladies, Lia is single! (Shakira will screen all applications. Lagot kayo!)


Lia Roque

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