With Lia Roque and Shakira Sison

A podcast by and for Filipinx women, especially the queer ones. <3

From the creators of K Talk, a successful Filipino podcast, comes yet another creative project by lifelong friends. We will talk about love, sex, career, fitness, finances, marriage, family, baking, cooking, sports, and everything else about life.

Languages: English, Tagalog, Taglish, gay lingo, laughter and tears

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The Story Behind

Salt & Pepê: The Podcast

From the creators of K Talk, a successful Filipino podcast, comes yet another creative project by lifelong friends Lia Roque and Shakira Sison

Latest Episode

Moving On

What is the Three Month Rule? Do we need to enforce deadlines on moving on? Do we need to have a grace period before dating again after a break up? For Salt & Pepê’s maiden voyage, Kia and Lia talk about breakups and beyond.

Recent Episodes

Check your privilegE

Is hard work truly the only thing one needs to be successful? And if you’re successful, did you get there without help or as a matter of circumstance? Kia and Lia talk about their roots and how to be more empathic when it comes to the challenges others face.

Time to sing this song

Treated me kind, sweet destiny, carried me through desperation, with the one that was waiting for me. Had to be strong, and so I believe, and that the one that I needed will find me eventually. I had a vision of love and it was all that you’ve given to me. Straight through the nah-hayt…

I pledge allegiance

Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas.
Ito ang aking lupang sinilangan.
Ito ang tahanan ng aking lahi.
Ako’y kanyang kinukupkop at tinutulungan
Upang maging malakas, maligaya at kapakipakinabang.

What People Say

Meet Your Hosts

Shakira Sison (she/her) is more widely known as a writer of essays about queer life, immigration, politics, and women’s issues. In her social media presence she is often seen cooking, traveling, and enjoying her time at home with her wife and pets. She grew up in Manila, Philippines, and moved to New York City in 2002. Living in Brooklyn for two decades makes her an overstimulated and jaded New Yorker. This makes her stand out as she feels the difference while building a new life in Nevada.


Shakira Sison

Lia Roque (she/her) immigrated to Toronto from Manila in 2017. When she is not contributing to Canada’s workforce, Lia is a baseball coach for kids ages 8 and below, as well as an instructor for the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy. This bow tie-loving butch is a global leader in her company’s Pride Professional Network. Lia is a big sports lover and a passionate advocate of women’s sports. She is looking forward to sharing on the pod her love of photography, beer, musicals, beaches, and the outdoors. And ladies, Lia is single! (Shakira will screen all applications. Lagot kayo!)


Lia Roque

Our hosts have been friends for twenty-five years. They have a few things to say now that they’re both gray. Listen.